• Marinate On That

    • Free

      Cure for the battle of the mind.

    • A Borrowed Wedding Dress

      You are beautiful!

    • When Life Gives You Lemons...

      A lemonade story.

    • A Forest King

      Adversity is your friend.

    • Love & Sacrifice

      Thank those who have helped you.

    • Vision

      Where you goin’?

    • Longing For Another

      Stories that capture our hearts.

    • Hard Working Americans

      A more important effort.

    • 16 On My ACT

      Someone scored perfectly for us.

    • My White Suit

      The clothes make the man?

    • Small Boat, Big Storm

      You don't have to fear sinking.

    • Marriage

      It's like a garden.

    • What I'm Looking For

      A rags to riches story.

    • Making Sense

      God doesn't waste a hurt!

    • One "F" Word Away

      The fire of pain and hurt can be put out!

    • When You Don't Have A Map

      There's a light that will guide you

    • God's-Eye View

      He's got you!

    • Viral Outbreak

      We need a blood transfusion

    • Do You Feel Like You Lack?

      Contentment is possible!

    • Experience A Great Promise

      Retreat into the arms of Jesus.

    • Is Life Overwhelming?

      I've got some help for you and me,

    • Dangling Disappointment

      Know the ultimate source of true joy!

    • Time, A Most Precious Gift

      So worship instead of worry

    • Worry

      A weapon of mass distraction!

    • Stuck in traffic?

      Take the high road!

    • Slam Dunk

      Be a giver not a taker

    • Seek His Presence

      And know His love, grace, character, and power!

    • Frustrated?

      This is why!

    • Jesus' Disciples

      How will people know?

    • Nameless Nobies

      In Christ this can't be true.

    • Closed Door

      No need to go there.

    • Eptastic News

      Disappointment can bring great opportunity!

    • Inquisitive

      I've got a question.

    • Transformation

      God will complete the good work!

    • Right Relationships

      Don't react from your past, react from His.

    • Ephesians 3:16-19

      This is my prayer for you.

    • Good News

      And it affects you!

    • Need Change?

      Change your focus!

    • God Is Good

      How good is He?

    • A Sacred Job

      Help the lost get home!

    • The Great Physician

      We make the 911 call.

    • Feel Like Giving Up?

      Jesus holds us up!

    • Blessing Others

      This is life at it's fullest!

    • Imagination

      It's a gift, start using it!

    • Game Plan

      This one's a life-changer!

    • Not good enough?

      It's okay, listen to this!

    • Beat Temptation

      Shift your focus!

    • In Christ...

      Remember what's most important!

    • Stains on your Suit

      Heaven's holy detergent makes us clean!

    • Jesus' Proposal

      He didn't need to go to Jared's!

    • A Cinderella Story

      He wants you!

    • Wedding Day

      The best decision you'll ever make.

    • Spiritual Amnesia

      Are you in the wilderness?

    • Pre-game Prep

      Doesn't get much better than this!

    • Your Trial

      The charges have been dropped.

    • Can't Swim

      We all need The Lifeguard!

    • A "Soleful" Story

      From one pair of shoes to 10 million!

    • Join Jesus

      Conversation can change lives!

    • Divine Nutrition

      Skip the sugar sandwich.

    • Your Father Knows

      There's no NEED to worry!

    • Walking Bible

      Let others see Jesus in how we live!

    • Royal Envelope

      Wait til you hear what's inside!

    • Change the World

      Do the unthinkable!

    • Hope

      Say it with me!

    • Broken Dreams?

      Our disappointments are God's appointments.

    • Paintbrush

      God wants to use you to create on His canvas.

    • Hidden

      God the Father loves to play Hide & Go Seek.

    • Sweet Perfume

      Let's make the world smell good.

    • A Ridiculous Question

      Would you ever drink poison?

    • Write A Letter

      A note of encouragement could go a long way.

    • Boot Camp

      Adversity is your University!

    • Forever Forgiven

      His long road of agony lead to grace.

    • Breaking Free

      Don't let the chains of your past hold you back!

    • Pity Party?

      Forget about the past pain and look up!

    • Metamorphosis

      The struggle gives us wings to fly.

    • God's Poetry.

      What does your verse say?

    • Halftime.

      Here comes a pep talk!

    • In To Me You See

      It's what we need most.

    • The Aisle of Toys.

      Are you asking for more?

    • Gone Fishing?

      Not this time.

    • Forgiving

      Jesus forgave you so you can become a forgiver.

    • Eternally Forgotten

      Remember what the Son has done.

    • Soul Toxins

      Trade these two things for the One who will set you free!

    • Autobiography

      Your story summed up!

    • Hungry

      What are you eating?

    • Journey Through Oz

      A tale more familiar than we realize.

    • You Complete Me

      There's only One who.

    • Fallin' in Love

      Remember the moment?

    • It's Free!

      Don't pass up what's already been purchased.

    • The Key

      The one and only that unlocks your soul.

    • Stolen

      Let what's been taken be fuel for good.

    • Tailor Made

      These are the clothes that make the man!

    • Make a Difference

      Don't ask what if, but believe what can be!

    • I Gotta Feeling

      It's going to be like never before!

    • Deep Breath

      Forgiveness is like oxygen.

    • Soul Food

      Feed your spirit the good stuff.

    • Want to Grow?

      May be time for a pruning!

    • Grace Exam

      You have permission to cheat!

    • Eptastic

      Get fruity in 2014!

    • Sea Cruise

      Sail away with forgiveness in the new year!

    • The Christmas Season

      Drop the hustle and bustle!

    • Listen to His Voice

      'Tis better to give than to receive.

    • Empty Boxes

      Let Jesus fill with the fullness of lfe.

    • Adoption

      It's God's big plan for us.

    • Walking in the Dark?

      Turn to "The Light!"

    • Special Delivery

      We've got the goods that give life.

    • Hunger Pains

      There may be more than your tummy talking.

    • Hungry?

      It's WHO He is, not WHAT He gives.

    • Moments of a Lifetime

      Listen for the guiding voice of love and light

    • Grateful

      May our hearts move upward in praise

    • Thanksgiving

      Great food, greater relationships

    • Hunger Pains

      Outback Steakhouse in heaven

    • Workin' it

      Dance to the song of your heart

    • Frequent Flyer

      What if there's a layover?

    • What If...

      Pray to be a blessing

    • Distinct Seasons

      Jesus holds all of life

    • Know it All

      Grace, when we realize we don't

    • Gameplan

      Trust Jesus for every play.

    • Marvelously Made

      You were formed for the glory of God!

    • Dress up

      Clothes can't cover what only Jesus can do.

    • Even Better!

      May Jesus in us be a blessing to others.

    • Time to Live

      God accomplishments await you.

    • Taking Chances

      Risk loving someone today.

    • Before the Battle

      What is God doing in you now that He wants to use later?

    • At the Heart

      See beyond what's on the outside.

    • Story of Grace

      Unpack the pages of your story through His eyes.

    • New Suit

      Get excited about the clothes you wear.

    • Tinted Lenses

      Do you need some new specs?

    • Be a Coach

      Love AND encourage beyond limits.

    • Dream Again

      Reconnect to the ultimate dream-giver.

    • You Can Make It

      Despite hard times, God IS for you.

    • Potentially Great

      Help others see who they're meant to be.

    • Stolen Gift

      Freely give to a world that needs it.

    • Graceful Excellence

      It's NOT what you do, but how you do it.

    • Ask a Friend

      It could save a life.

    • The Great Set-Up

      Disappointment or appointment?

    • New Glasses

      You're gonna want these shades.

    • Superstars

      It's not what you think.

    • Spiritual Athletes

      Become a puma-bull-aroo.

    • Better Days

      If things are down keep looking up.

    • Grace

      Reason and logic defied.

    • The Secret to Greatness

      It's not rocket science.

    • Equip-a-Teen

      Watch God do epic acts of awesomeness.

    • Dream Come True

      Bless the world with your dream.

    • Unrealized Dreams

      Your biggest risk is not taking one.

    • Own it!

      Nothing takes Jesus by surprise.

    • Anchors Away

      Hold grace, not grudges.

    • Too Little, Too Much

      It's not about what we possess, but Who possesses us.

    • Good Ideas

      What are you doing to let others know about Jesus?

    • Heal the Hurt

      Past hurts can be healed by Jesus' ever-present grace.

    • Go Snorkeling

      Get off the beach and jump in the water!

    • Superheroes

      Tame your inner Hulk.

    • Power of the Ring

      What we worship determines what we'll become.

    • Spiritual Cancer

      Don't let this vicious disease eat you alive.

    • Master the "Full"

      We soar when we relax and trust Christ.

    • Unexpected Circumstances

      Control only what you can, your response.

    • Hey you!

      There's power for your passion.†

    • 100 MPH

      Life is a highway, slow down.

    • Today's the day!

      You have a divine opportunity--today!

    • Beloved

      Because of the Son, you can be close to the Father.†

    • Hide and Go Seek

      You won't find Jesus playing this childhood game.

    • Re-fire

      At any age, you can bring fame to His name.

    • Battlefield

      When facing a giant, you're not the underdog.

    • Good Gifts

      Even better than our blessings, is the Giver of all good things.

    • The Ultimate Parent

      We can lead by example by taking after the greatest Father of all.

    • So You Can't Dance?

      Listen how Jesus done broke it down!

    • At Perfect Peace

      Jesus brings us to the feet of our Father.

    • Jesus' Pride and Joy

      Did you know you're a trophy?

    • Don't Play With Pain

      All humans need grace!

    • Freedom

      Are you married to Mr. Law or Mr. Grace?

    • Crossfit

      A workout for your spiritual muscles.

    • The Ultimate Comeback

      You might be down, but with God, you're not out!

    • This Pro Knows

      God works in our weakness to bring out our best.

    • Final Destination

      Be your best even when plans seem delayed.

    • Fashionista

      The spiritual clothes really do make the person.

    • Made Complete

      If you still haven't found what you're looking for, listen here.

    • Money, Money, Money

      Why churches talk about money.

    • The Bigger Picture

      God wants to use you where you are to reach others.

    • At the Well

      From empty to overflowing.

    • Grace

      The gift that keeps on giving.

    • Dating 101

      It's not about what's on the outside.

    • Gone Shopping!

      A new wardrobe, and no worries--you won't need a credit card.

    • Define Religion

      From "You do it," to "He's done it."

    • How We Pray

      If you feel your prayers are going unanswered, try this prayer.

    • Divine Appointments

      Did you know that God has strategically placed you in a position to share the Gospel?

    • Living the Dream

      Let your faith swallow fears, and watch dreams take flight!

    • You are a Miracle

      In need of a pep-talk? Listen here.

    • On Mission

      God wants to use you in the life of others. Are you ready?

    • Big Opportunity

      Speak encouragement into someone's life today.

    • Give it up!

      In our weakness, He is strong.

    • Real Talk

      You are dearly loved. Believe it!

    • We are Sons and Daughters

      As adopted children of God, we can trust Him for all our needs.

    • Canceled Debt

      Woo hoo! The biggest debt you have has been paid in full!

    • Got Fear?

      Even in the hardest times, listen for the voice that brings peace.

    • Redo

      While we can't do everything over in life, we can have hope in the King of second chances.

    • Spiritual Genes

      Blonde hair, blue eyes, hope and forgiveness. Some genes we inherit, others we choose to pass along.

    • Marriage Booster Shot

      When was the last time you and your spouse had a check-up?

    • Be a Blessing

      When we step out to be a blessing to others, others get glimpses of God's love.

    • Out With the Old

      Don't let old habits keep you from getting in with the new!

    • Defining Success

      Success is a life well-lived.

    • Thank You!

      A special prayer just for you.

    • Are We There Yet?

      In the rush to arrive, don't miss who God really wants you to be.

    • Answered Prayers

      God wants to use your generosity to be the answer to someone's prayer.

    • A Great Resolution

      Who's benefiting from your New Year's resolutions?

    • Purple Mountain's Majesty

      Take a deep breath and breathe-in our Big God!

    • Believing in You

      Find the encouragement that unlocks your God-given potential.

    • You, Yes You!

      You are uniquely created to be a difference-maker!

    • Remember When...?

      What if I told you God doesn't remember everything?

    • A Servant's Heart

      Following God means following Him at all costs.

    • Mary's Shoes

      A beautiful heart sees beyond the cost, to its glorious calling.

    • Derwin's Christmas Carole

      How to keep our life-song of "service" on key.

    • Roll Out Hope

      A heart of compassion can change the world you live in.

    • Divine Phenomenon

      God-as-man, was no man's plan!

    • The Bridge

      The most important bridge was not built, but born.

    • Pastor Appreciation

      Give a pastor some love!

    • Happy Meal

      God can make a whole lot out of our little.

    • The Phone Call

      Is God asking you to do something that seems impossible?

    • Check Yourself

      Are you stretching yourself to the limits? Even Jesus had boundaries!

    • No Fishing

      Some places are off limits, and Jesus has good reason for it. Nibble on this morsel of grace.

    • Sharing the Table

      Is there an empty chair at your Thanksgiving table?

    • Pass the Turducken!

      There is a food that’s greater than them all.

    • THANKS for the memories

      During the holiday, don't forget to make memories.

    • The Spiritual Flu Shot

      Jesus gave us the ultimate flu shot--His grace--so that we can reproduce His life in the world!

    • Rearview Mirror of Life

      Are you living life trying to go forward while looking in the rearview mirror?

    • Hanging Out With Jesus

      Spend time with Jesus. The more you get to know Him, the more you'll adore Him!

    • How to Stop Worrying

      We stop worrying when we start worshiping!

    • A Biblical Prayer

      Marinate on the truth of Ephesians 3:16-21.

    • Practice is a big Deal!

      When we practice love, patience and forgiveness, we excel in the game of life.

    • Listen to Your Wife!

      You don’t have to solve problems, just listen!

    • Conflict Resolution in Marriage

      In marriage, if you win the argument you both lose!

    • God Doesn’t Remember Your Sins

      God continues to remind you of His forgiveness.

    • He-motions

      Men, you can learn to share your deep feelings.

    • Getting bit by a Snake

      Unforgiveness releases resentment and bitterness into our heart.

    • Sores of Unforgiveness

      Unforgiveness is like sores on our heart that always hurts..Jesus is eager to heal our sores!

    • Need Swimming Lessons?

      Sign-up for Jesus' "living lessons" so you can truly live life!

    • Journey's Real Purpose

      In midst of a long trip, take heart--God is maturing you!

    • Beauty from Pain

      God wants to use your pain to produce something beautiful!

    • Stuck in Spiritual Mud

      We need each other. And we need to learn to be humble enough to ask for help when we’re stuck!

    • What is God's "School" for Us?

      Adversity is God's university of transformation.

    • Get Ready

      God is preparing us now, for what He has in store for us in the future.

    • What's Bullying You?

      Jesus is in your corner, let Him fight off your bullies.

    • Montana Night Sky

      For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so is His love for us.

    • Snorkeling

      Experience Jesus at a deeper level!

    • Learn how to be Weak!

      It's time to allow Jesus to be strong in our weakness.

    • Private Life vs. Public Life

      God's grace helps integrate our private and public life.

    • The Greatest Movie

      We live in the greatest movie of all time, Jesus’ movie.

    • Are You in the Game?

      We were created to be a Christ follower, not just a fan.

    • The "Wambulance" isn't Coming

      Our Savior has already come to save us!

    • Find Happiness

      First find happiness in Jesus, then you will find joy in life.

    • Behind Every Moment of Glory

      Are you willing to put in the sacrifice?

    • A Trophy of Grace

      God shows you off as His trophy of Grace in Ephesians 2:7!

    • Better than Coffee!

      Are you sleepwalking through life? God has given you Himself, wake up to the life God intended for you!

    • You can Make a Difference

      Are you using your platform to make a difference for Jesus?

    • Do Your Words Match Your Life?

      What if every Christ-follower saw their job as their mission field?

    • Say it with me: "NO!"

      If we don't learn to say "No!" we won't be able to say "Yes!" to the things that God has really called us to do!

    • Feeling Weak?

      In His strength we’re made stronger.

    • Get Out of the Boat!

      It's time for us to abandon our fear and, like Peter, get out of the boat!

    • Ready for a Breakthrough?

      Develop your will, wisdom and skill.

    • One Goal

      Win as many people to Jesus as possible!

    • More than we can Handle!

      Trust Jesus with everything and depend on Him.

    • Do You Know Christ?

      Being a Christian is not about me. It's about Christ.

    • An Etch-A-Sketch Life

      Wouldn't it be great if we could just shake our faults off, like an Etch-A Sketch?

    • Forgiven

      A beautiful image of what it means to be guilty and yet forever forgiven by Jesus.

    • Always on His Mind

      You are loved by God. There's never been a moment in which you haven't been on God's mind.

    • Giving Grace

      You never know who will thank you one day for giving them grace.

    • Attitude over Aptitude

      No role is small in God's kingdom. You can make other people better!

    • Teamwork

      Teamwork makes the dream work.

    • Defeat a Giant

      You might feel unnoticed, but God is preparing you.

    • Purpose in the Pits of Life

      God prepares us in the pits of life.

    • Great Expectations

      Our expectations shape our lives the most.

    • From Misery to Ministry

      God doesn't waste any experiences in our lives, especially those that produce misery.

    • Giving God a Call

      God's cell phone is always on, and He'd love to hear from you!

    • Loving each other

      Jesus is the glue that brings us together!

    • God's calling

      When God calls, He gives the power to see it through.

    • Be the best you can be

      How do we make the most of life when there are so many choices?

    • Greatness

      You can be great: Pursue relentlessly your God-given vision!

    • True Discipleship

      True discipleship is engaging and being transformed by Jesus.

    • Drafted by God

      You are God's first round draft-pick! --this one talks about NFL draft? Specific for the date?

    • A Greater Passion

      Remembering your brokenness gives you a greater passion to share God's mending grace.

    • God's Beloved

      You are God's beloved because you are found in Jesus!

    • Sweet Perfume

      Be a fragrance of grace

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