The High Definition Leader

The High Definition Leader is an invitation for church leaders to help their congregations embrace Christ’s call to the early church—a call that crosses ethnic and socioeconomic barriers to create heavenly colonies of love, reconciliation, and unity.


Crazy Grace

The pace of life and its ever-changing values can make one feel like it’s impossible to make it through the day. Peace is found in this life-changing truth: the heartbeat and lifeblood of the Christian life is grace. Grace isn’t just an idea. Grace is a Person named Jesus.


Limitless Life

Is your life limited by labels the world and other people have used to define you? Join Pastor Derwin on this fascinating journey into what can happen when you offer your head, your heart, and your hands to the only One who can offer you a truly limitless life.



What comes to mind when you think of a hero? Former NFL team captain, Pastor, and YouTube sensation as the Evangelism Linebacker, calls men and women to live heroic lives by allowing God to reign and rule in their hearts.