HD Leader Roundtable


Our next High-Definition Leader Roundtable will be held on October 2-3, 2019 at Transformation Church. This experience is an opportunity for church leaders from around the country to dig deeper into God’s Word together, encourage one another, and learn more about multiethnic church planting and leadership. Roundtable sessions will cover theology, vision casting, cross-cultural competency, soul care for leaders, and best practices of a multiethnic church. Come experience what it means to be a High-Definition Leader!

Fall 2019

The 2019 Fall HD Leader Roundtable applications are open. If you would like to attend the HD Leader Roundtable, click the “apply here” button. To learn more information please read our FAQS section below. Thank you for inquiring about The High-Definition Leader Roundtable.


“Multiethnic isn't a form of the church - it is the church! Derwin's ability to synthesize a healthy growing creative multi-ethnic church is what we desperately need. If you could go to only one event this year - this is the event, you should go to. Yes, you'll learn a lot about doing the "Sunday" stuff but far more than that.”


“We must hold theology tightly and the ministry model loosely...At the heart of God is unity, and for unity to happen we have to learn each other's stories. The roundtable is an experience that is practical, relational, and deeply impactful.”



  • Applications are live as of – March 14

  • Application due on or before – July 6

  • We will notify you of approval by - August 3

  • Payment/Registration due on or before – August 31

  • Event – October 2-3



How many days is the HD Leader Roundtable?

The roundtable runs for two days, starting around noon on Tuesday and ending late Wednesday evening.

Is there a fee to attend the HD Leader Roundtable?

Yes, there is a $125 non-refundable registration fee to confirm your attendance. This fee also contributes towards the 3 meals that we provide. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements.

Is my spouse allowed to attend the Roundtable?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to bring your spouse to the Roundtable. Your spouse will need to complete their own application and pay a $75  registration fee. Pastor Derwin’s wife, Vicki, would love to connect with the wives.

How far is Transformation Church from Charlotte/CLT Airport?

Transformation Church is approximately 35-40 minutes from the CLT airport, and just a few miles [about 15 minutes] down the road from South Charlotte Ballantyne area.

Is it required that I read the book the High-Definition Leader before attending the Roundtable?

Yes! As a part of our application process, we require attendees to have read the book and contemplated the study questions in each chapter prior to attending. This will enable a deeper level of learning and application that will benefit not only you, but other leaders that you’ll interact with at the Roundtable.

How many Roundtables take place each year?

We host two Roundtables each year: one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

How many participants typically attend each Roundtable?

The Roundtable is not a “typical” conference, but an intentional time to gather in a smaller, intimate setting. We limit attendance at each Roundtable to 25 participants, allowing for greater interaction with each other and the leaders at Transformation Church.

If I have any further questions who is the best point of contact?

Please contact Curtis Miller at Curtis.Miller@TransformationChurch.tc or call 803.835.0630 and ask for Curtis.